VPI Super Prime Scout w/ 10.5" Tonearm & VTA On the Fly

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VPI Super Prime Scout Limited Edition 

NOTES: Please read before ordering

  • Quantities are limited! Please contact us for availability
  • This package no longer ships with the VPI-branded turntable mat. It's the same high-quality felt mat, and all black
  • Now ships with the VPI HW-40 Reference Isolation Feet

Bad-ass cartridge and tonearm cable bundles with huge savings! Check the pull-down above. Don't see a cartridge you want? Call us to find out about special pricing when you buy your favorite cartridge with this turntable.

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The Prime Scout is an amazing turntable. But leave it to Uncle Kevvy to stick his nose into business to grind out something truly amazing. Look at any VPI turntable as the sum of parts. The plinth, tonearm, tonearm base, motor, platter, and feet. So look at this as a Prime Scout or Scout II, with the following options INCLUDED!

Instead of the much cheaper 9” arm and lower end base, we are giving you the upgraded 10.5” JMW-10 aluminum tonearm. Pretty cool, eh? What's better than getting a longer tonearm with better tracking? Well… we also included VPI's VTA on-the-fly tonearm base! This means that you can fine-tune VTA while you listen, which is critical to eliminate top end sibilance. This is a big deal. The tonearm and base by themselves are $2200!!

The turntable footprint is: 18.5" x 14.5"

The Machined Graphite finish

Next up: The platter. This isn’t the same platter you see on the Prime Scout. This is the MASSIVE 20-pound platter you find on the Prime and Classic series. And a massive platter is CRITICAL to isolate the record, as well as providing inertia for consistent speed. It sells for $1,000.

Last, but not least, you also get the upgrade VPI Deluxe Delrin/stainless steel screw-down record clamp and the HW-40 Reference Isolation Feet.  Then, we had the plinth finished in white, graphite, and machined graphite (all Upscale exclusive!), in addition to black. Absolutely stunning!

Bundle Cartridge Information

Kiseki Blue

Kiseki "Miracle" Blue cartridges have a beautiful, pure, honest, sound signature. Gives you 85-90% of the world-class Kiseki Purpleheart, which is the favorite cartridge of VPI Founder Harry Weisfeld. They have just enough sparkle on the top end to give you the detail you are looking for in cymbal hits and vocals without too much sizzle. If you're looking for a versatile cartridge, this is the one for you. The nude line contact stylus means it tracks accurately but is also sensitive to dirt, so ensure that you maintain your records properly.

  • Low output, 0.44 mV / >400 ohm (we like it between 800-1k ohm). Needs about 60dB of gain. Compatible with phono stages from 55dB -65dB
  • Nude line-contact diamond stylus / boron cantilever

Soundsmith MIMC Star

Soundsmith basically reinvented moving coil technology by replacing the copper coil with iron. Iron has a lower mass than copper, therefore the coil has less inertia and momentum for the same output, letting it pick up far more detail. The MIMC Star has a gorgeous midrange bump (around 2 kHz) that lets wooden instruments and vocals shine through. That's not to say there is no top-end detail because there is plenty, but the texture of the midrange offers a more sultry tone than the Kiseki.

  • Low output MI, 0.4 mV / >470 ohm (we like it loaded between 600-800 ohm). Needs about 60 dB of gain. Compatible with phono stages from 55 dB to 65 dB
  • Contact line stylus / sapphire cantilever

Ortofon 2M Bronze

A timeless Ortofon moving magnet, with a balanced and dynamic overall sound. It even provides an upgrade path! The stylus is interchangeable with the 2M Black for a quick upgrade. The fine-line stylus tracks accurately and reproduces really high-frequency information, but is also sensitive to dirt, so ensure that you maintain your records properly.

  • High output 5 mV, 47 kOhm load. Needs about 37-45 dB of gain. Works with just about any phono stage
  • Nude fine line stylus

Ortofon 2M Black

A true flagship of the Ortofon MM series. A Shibata diamond gives you the best contact to the groove walls, increasing detail and accuracy across the board. This is a very resolving cartridge, which reproduces even the most subtle high-frequency groove information. The Shibata is a type of line contact and tracks beautifully--giving you tons of high-end detail.

  • High output 5 mV, 47 kOhm load. Needs about 37-45 dB of gain. Works with just about any phono stage
  • Nude Shibata diamond stylus

Tonearm Cable

The cable Kevin discusses in the video above is a special package as listed on the pull-down menu and is incredible. Want something different? Call us and buy any other tonearm cable from us at 20% off.


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