Soundsmith MMP3 Mk II Moving Magnet Phonostage

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Soundsmith MMP3 Mk II Phonostage

“The MMP3 barely ever revealed itself in the music or on my equipment rack. It didn't add or subtract noticeably from the character of the transducers it amplified.

An upgrade in quality does not have to deplete your wallet. The Soundsmith MMP & MCP preamps are revolutionary designs for their price - and the comments Soundsmith gets at each hi-fi show prove it. These preamps are what it uses to demo its cartridges.

Each handmade preamp circuit is housed in a high quality aluminum case, powered by an external DC power supply, with easy to set up instructions. All amplifiers have extremely accurate RIAA equalization response.


Cartridge loading (ohm): 47k ohm, 100 pF
Gain: 43 dB
Noise: -93 dB down
THD: 1 kHz, ~0.004 %