Solidsteel S3 Series Audio Racks / Stands - Upscale Audio Edition

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Solidsteel S3-5 Audio Stands - Upscale Audio Edition

Struggling to fit your PrimaLuna or tube gear into regular audio stands? This special Upscale Audio Edition has extra shelf-spacing to accommodate those massive PrimaLuna transformers, and give the amp plenty of room to breathe. The bottom shelf is high enough to let you store vinyl!

The S3 Series draws inspiration from decades of production results achieved by previous Series 3, 5 and 6. For over 20 years, Solidsteel has made high-quality, all-Italian audio stands. The S3 line uses anodized aluminum posts filled with damping material, with stainless steel hardware. The shelves are MDF with a polymer laminate.

The standard S3-5 model has 8 inches of clearance between all shelves, but our Upscale Edition gives you a shelf with 8 inches of space, two shelves with 9.6 inches of space, and one shelf with 12.8 inches of space. You can arrange the shelf spacing any way you wish during assembly.


Materials: Anodized damping-filled aluminum tubes, stainless steel hardware, MDF with polymer laminate shelves

Max shelf load: 132 lb

Outer Dimensions (WHD): 23" x 49" x 16.9"
Inner shelf dimension (WD): 19.7" x 16.9"
Between shelves: 8.0" / 9.6" / 9.6" / 12.8"
Weight: 77.16 lb