The Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre offers weekend retreats, which are a combination of learning with lectures and discussions, and practice with the chanting of sutras and “Amituofo.”


We do not charge a fee for attendance at any retreat or for any of our Dharma materials. We like to foster the practice of dana, which is giving, for all who attend retreats, visit our centre, or call asking for books and other Dharma materials.

Over the centuries, a relationship of mutual support has evolved between the lay and monastic members of the sangha. This relationship has enabled Buddhism to survive and grow. The lay person trains in the world and helps support the centre materially because he or she is in a better position to do so than those training full-time in the centre. The monastic trains in the centre, teaching and offering spiritual support and encouragement through example.

The centre itself provides a physical focus where teaching and training can be given, received, understood and carried into the world. Both the lay person and the monastic mutually contribute to each other’s spiritual success.

We practice dana by offering the teachings without a price tag. Your donation allows us to continue offering the teachings to others. This center was built and is maintained solely by the generosity of all of you who value the teachings.


Before applying to attend a retreat, please read the centre etiquette. To download an application, click Application. Please be sure we receive your faxed, emailed, or snail-mailed application at least seven days before the retreat begins. This allows us time review it and notify you as well as to plan for the catering of the meals.