Nordost Blue Heaven Digital Cable

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Nordost Blue Heaven Digital Cable

The safe transfer of digital data streams depends absolutely on achieving accurate impedance within the transmission chain. The S/PDIF transmission standard dictates a 75 Ohm co-axial lead, but it is surprising how few cables meet that specification. The Nordost Blue Heaven digital interconnect is a true 75 Ohm conductor. Employing a micro mono-filament, co-axial construction, this advanced topology allows superior electrical performance and geometrical accuracy irrespective of cable length. The high-speed, low-loss characteristics of the virtual air dielectric, combined with the superior mechanical behavior of the MMF cradle minimize cable echoes and reflections, while the use of BNC termination ensures that the 75 Ohm standard is maintained, even across the connectors.

Each Blue Heaven digital interconnect is supplied with a pair of true 75 Ohm BNC to RCA adaptors, making the cable consistent in performance across any combination of co-axial output or input jacks – and future-proof to boot. Changing your DAC or transport will no longer mean having to also change your digital interconnect.


Conductor: 24 AWG 60 micron silver-plated, 99.99999 % oxygen free copper
Insulation: Flourinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Impedance: 75 ohm
Terminations: 75 ohm impedance matched combination RCA/BNCors