AURALiC Altair G1 Digital Preamp / Streamer / DAC

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AURALiC Altair G1 Digital Preamp / Streamer / DAC


Represents cracking value for money in this increasingly crowded market. One of the most impressive products at or near its price, this is an essential audition for value-conscious audiophiles who are serious about streaming.


If you have a digitized CD collection or a library of downloaded albums, consider the Altair G1 with an internal drive. We will ship it with an Auralic-approved Samsung 2TB solid-state drive installed using their factory kit. This will allow the Altair G1 to function as a high-quality music server as well. 

As a premium digital hub for any high-performance system, the Altair G1 software and hardware functions in much the same way as the original Altair, able to act as a preamp, a DAC, a streamer, and an all-in-one digital source, but is also now fitted with the G1 chassis, providing a matching 4-inch color display and Smart IR feature.

As a digital audio streamer, Altair G1 takes several updates from both the G1 and G2 series of products. It now uses the ESS 9038Q2M conversion chip, providing the user with more detail and perceived resolution than ever before. To match the higher levels of performance available from this new DAC chip, the analog circuitry received necessary parts upgrades and an improved layout for a balanced presentation.

Finally, the processor platform has been upgraded to Tesla G2 from Tesla G1, featuring 2GB of system memory, providing the user with a seamless, powerful experience. An internal storage option remains, and for a fee an upgrade kit can be provided to the dealer or the customer, allowing for robust, local storage of large music collections in any number of formats and resolutions.

As a digital hub, the Altair G1 is Roon-ready, and can stream from subscription music services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify Connect, and offers Bluetooth, Airplay, and SongCast for a multifaceted and varied set of feature needs.


Streaming Inputs
Network shared folder
USB drive
Optional internal storage up to 2 TB
UPnP / DLNA media server
TIDAL and Qobuz streaming
Internet radio
Spotify Connect

Digital Inputs
Ethernet streaming (up to 384 kHz / 32-bit, DSD512)
USB audio device (up to 384 kHz / 32-bit, DSD512)
AES/EBU, coax, TOSLINK (up to 192 kHz / 24-bit)

Analog Outputs
Balanced XLR 
Single-ended RCA

Supported File Formats

Sampling Rate
PCM from 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz, 16-32 bit
DSD64 - 512

Control Software
AURALiC Lightning DS, Roon, OpenHome compatible control software

13.4" x 12.6" x 3.1"

14.9 lb