Vincent SA-31MK Hybrid Preamplifier

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Vincent SA-31MK Hybrid Preamplifier

Vincent's SA-31MK isn't just an enhancement of the German company's popular SA-31 line-stage preamplifier. Much more sophisticated in fidelity and build than its predecessor, the SA-31MK represents a brand new variation on the theme of integrating classic vacuum tube design and cutting-edge solid state technology for a listening experience second to none.

In his joint review of the Vincent SP-331 MK preamp and SA-31 MK amp for the December 2010 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine, Wayne Garcia reports, "With small ensembles or large, the amp and preamp convincingly recreate the atmosphere of the venue with a tightly locked focus on all instruments." He goes on to praise the Vincents for delivering "so much pleasure for such a relatively modest price."

"Gets to the Heart of the Music"

The Vincent SA-31MK was honored by its inclusion in The Absolute Sound 2012 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide, which noted, "Sonically, the SA-31MK is rhythmically nimble and gets to the heart of the music. Staging and focus are strengths, too."

Delving Deep into R&D

When Vincent created the SA-31MK, the German audiophile company delved deep into research and development until each stage of the preamplifier provided exactly the results that the engineers had in mind. Extensive listening sessions complemented each stage of the engineering process to ensure that the SA-31MK didn't simply look good on paper. It also had to deliver startlingly good real world performance.

The hybrid design of the beautiful SA-31MK line stage preamplifier truly lets you have it all. It delivers the luxurious sound that can only be obtained with finely-made vacuum tube equipment as well as the power associated with solid state designs, including speed, reliability, and control.

The monoblock design in the amplifier sections for left and right channels help to achieve the best possible signal-to-noise ratio. For best sound quality, the output stage operates in pure 'Class A.'

Twice the Tubes Triple Your Satisfaction

The vacuum tube output stage houses a unique proprietary design configuration with a short signal path to create a delicate and detailed soundstage. For a big leap forward in sonic satisfaction, the SA-31MK has twice as many tubes as its predecessor: two 6N16 tubes plus two additional 6N16 tubes in the output stage. It also incorporates a brand new electronic volume control for ultra-quiet, accurate tone and amplitude adjustment - plus an electronic input control.

And speaking of inputs, where the SA-31 provided four, the SA-31MK boasts a full system's worth of inputs with six. A record out connection added to the two RCA outs provides extra flexibility.

The Vincent also includes the new SRC-1 wireless remote for armchair operation convenience.

Features & Specs

Hybrid design preamplifier

  • Twice as Many Tubes as the Original SA-31
  • 'Class A' output stage
  • Vacuum tubes: 4 x 6N16
  • Six Inputs
  • Two RCA Outputs, One RCA Recorder Output
  • Electronic Volume and Input Controls
  • SRC-1 Wireless Remote
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 50 kHz +/- 0.5 dB, Output voltage: 2 V
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0.1 % (1 kHz, 1 Watt)
  • Input sensitivity: 350mV, Signal-Noise ratio: > 95 dB
  • Input impedance: 47 k Ohm, Inputs: 6 x RCA
  • Dimensions: 17" wide, 3.75" tall, 14.3" deep