Grado Prestige Series SR60x Headphones

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Grado Prestige Series SR60x Headphones

With specially tuned 4th generation Grado drivers, and an improved headband and cable, this entry-level headphone is better than ever

Handmade in Brooklyn, the SR60x offers Grado's world-renowned harmonic colors, full-bodied vocals, and rich mid-range.

The fourth-generation 44 mm Grado drivers are specifically tuned for the SR60x. The new design has a more powerful magnet, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm.

The new four-conductor cable is housed in a more durable exterior, and uses a super annealed copper wire for improved signal purity. The new headband offers more cushion.


Type: Dynamic, open air
Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
SPL (1mW): 99.8 dB
Nominal Impedance: 38 ohm