EAT Linear Power Supply

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EAT Linear Power Supply

Elegant power supply: Two separate power supplies in one!

The LPS can power the E-Glo S and your favorite EAT turntable simultaneously. It will increase speed stability on your turntable and will lower the noise floor on your E-Glo S to supply a smoother and more dynamic sound!

Full bridge rectifying use for ultra-fast diodes followed with 8800uF filtration bank. Voltage regulator is fully discrete. No operational amplifier is used. Voltage reference is TL431. This all result in very low noise and perfect regulation. In many aspects it also over-performing battery power supply. Ripple voltage is lower than 1 microvolt! Voltage accuracy is better than ± 0,05%. The temperature drift is beyond every level of standard power supplies. LPS is Dedicated for E.A.T. phono stages and turntables.

- Dual output – Clean power supply – Two separate power supplies in one! – RFI eliminated from mains – Elegant looks

E.A.T. LPS Linear power supply technical information

MODEL E.A.T. LPS Linear Power Supply
OUTPUT VOLTAGE / CURRENT 1 × 15V/2A ± 0,05%, noise max. 10uV
OUTPUT VOLTAGE / CURRENT 1 × 18V/1.5A ± 0,05%, noise max 1uV
SUPPLIED CABLES 1 × 15V 2.1mm (for E.A.T. C-Sharp, EAT C-Major and all Pro-Ject turntables) 1 × 15V XLR 4Pin (for E.A.T. E-Flat, E.A.T. Forte S*) 1 × 18V 2.5mm (for E.A.T. E-Glo S, EAT Forte* and all Pro-Ject Phono products except Phono Box RS and AD Box S2 Phono)
DIMENSIONS W × H × D 435 × 60 × 272 mm
WEIGHT 4900 g